So, as of today, we got a new snippet from CoHF, and I'm seriously loving this one. Jalec will always be on of my favorite bromances, though nothing can be Heronstairs, and we can't forget Jevin. Snippet is under the break.

Alec pulled his knees up to his chest and looked thoughtfully at Jace. "I know," he said. "I'm not jealous. I always knew, from the first, that everyone thought you were better than me. My dad thought it. The Clave thought it. Izzy and Max looked up to you as the great warrior they wanted to be like. But the day you asked me to be your parabatai, I knew you meant that you trusted me enough to ask me to help you. You were telling me that you weren't this lone and self-sufficient warrior able to do everything alone. You needed me. So I realized that there was one person who didn't assume you were better than me. You."

This one sort of tugs at my heart, because Alec is a personal favorite character of mine, and I love that we're getting to know him more as the series goes on.

On another note, Cassie has finished writing CoHF, and she released a rough word count in a tweet earlier today.

If this stays the same, City of Heavenly Fire will be roughly 700-800 pages. I really can't wait.

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